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December 23, 2018

Listicles on software developement where one item must be by the author.


One is mine features articles in the form of top 10 lists (or top N lists). One item in the list must be created or contributed to by the author. This so called listical format, while often maligned, is a great format for experts to share resources.


Have you worked on an open source project? Have you written a techincal blog post? Are you a great person to follow for news about a specific niche of software development?

If any of those match you, then you are qualified to write a brief list style article highlighting some important resources in your area of expertise. And since this is One is Mine, one of the items in the list must be something you have worked on yourself.

So, write some useful content for the community and at the same time, tell people about your project, your website, your article or book or work in progress.

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I created this website with GatsbyJs as vehicle for me to share some of my thoughts using a simple Top N format. As an Author with little writting experience I find this format freeing and I think that other people will find it similarly freeing.

Written by Adam Gordon Bell.

Adam Gordon Bell is a Scala developer, who also hosts a podcast on software development

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