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Top 10 Tech Podcasts

December 26, 2018


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Tech podcasts if done well are such a great resource. It can be like listening to super smart colleagues discussing and explaining concepts. It’s also great when its just people you like shooting the breeze and hangning out. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

1. Software Engineering Daily

With one episdoe a business day, and a focused format, Jeff at one of my favorite podcast Hosts. My first podcast interview was as a guest host on SEDaily. Jeff taught me the ropes of constructing an outline for any interview. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. SEDaily also has topic specific feeds, which are great if you want to binge on certain topic. I don’t know how you do an epsidoes a day Jeff, Bravo.

2. Data Skeptic

I’m not sure how I got subscribed to data skeptic, as a I’m not a data scientist of any sort. But I’m glad I am. My favorite thing is the miny epsidoes where Kyle explains a concept to Linh Da. I think it is very impressive that she comes to these cold. To me that is a frightening endevaour. Kyle also is a great explainer of concepts and the order these mine epsidoes of explaination are rolled out are carefullly planned to lead to maximum listener comprehension.

3. CoRecursive

This is my podcast. Jeff at SEDaily gave me the format, in depth technical interviews. I try to interview smart people about technical topics that are deep and avoid tech news and trivia. I also try to keep it casual in tone. Whether I succeed at all or any of these is an open question, but doing the interviews has been so much fun.

4. Mapping The Journey

I’m not sure if this podcast is still being made but some heavy hitters have been interviewed. The creators of Java, C++, OpenSSL, NodeJS, SQL and several more heavy hitters have been interviewed.

5. .Net Rocks

Sometime aroudn 2005 I got an Ipod. The first podcast I listened to was The Daily Source Code with Adam Curry, but mainly I recall it being about podcasts and podcasting. .Net Rocks was as fun interview show about .net and since I had recently started writing C# for a living, I jump on this one write away. Its been a long time since I was loyallying consuming every episode but .Net Rocks taught me what a great tech podcast can be.

6. New Rustacean

Chris has this podcast about learning Rust. And he just narrates it to the listener. I think that is just such an challenging and intimate format and Chris pulls it off everytime.

7. ScalaWags

Fun group interviews about scala. No longer being made, but this was a great podcast.

8. HaskellCast

Very few epsidoes of this podcast were ever made, but when they were made I was pretty focused on learning haskell. I think they should pick it back up.

9. Functional Geekery

Protocor loves clojure and elixir and Erlang. Dynamically typed functional programming is his thing and he brings on great guests to discuss functional programming and with a specific focus on dynamically typed languages.

10. Hanselminutes

As I remember it, Scott Hanselman was a guest on .Net Rocks and from there spun out into his own podcast. A HanselMinute was a joke unit of measure, based on Scotts estimates of how long something would take being wildly optimistic. Scott is still making his show and its better than ever. I can’t say I listen to every episode, I haven’t been a .Net / Windows developer in some time and I still assoicate him with that demographic. I still find Scott to be an inspriation though and much like .Net Rocks, he taught me what a great tech podcast could be. Without that, I wouldn’t be conducting my own interviews today.

There we go. This is a list of tech podcasts that inspire me. They inspired me so much that I now have my own podcast. What tech podcasts do you like, let me know on twitter.

Written by Adam Gordon Bell.

Adam Gordon Bell is a Scala developer, who also hosts a podcast on software development

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